Grabie Watercolors

Agustin Hendrix
11 min readJun 18, 2024


Get ready to explore the world of vibrant and innovative watercolor products with Grabie Watercolor! In this captivating roundup article, we will showcase a diverse range of high-quality watercolor products designed to bring your artistic vision to life. Let’s dive in and discover the perfect watercolor tools that will elevate your creativity and inspire your next masterpiece.

The Top 9 Best Grabie Watercolors

  1. Grabie 100 Color Watercolor Paint Set for Kids and Adults — Experience vibrant, high-quality performance with Grabie’s 100 watercolor colors — perfect for both kids and adults, and ideal for any art enthusiast’s perfect starter set.
  2. Grabie Watercolor Paint Set for Artists — 50 Colors and Detail Brush Included — Experience an artistic explosion with the Grabie Watercolor Paint Set — featuring 50 vibrant colors and a detail paint brush, it’s the perfect companionship for your watercolor aspirations!
  3. Grabie Watercolor Postcards: Premium Art Supply for Painters — Create stunning watercolor sketches on Grabie’s 100% cotton postcards, perfect for sharing your adventures as greeting cards with acid-free, natural white sheets.
  4. Grabie Miniature Detail Paint Brush Set: Versatile, Ergonomic Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil Masterpiece Tool — Experience unmatched precision and comfort with the Grabie Paint Brush Set, featuring 11 miniature detail brushes perfect for all your oil, acrylic, watercolor, and gouache projects.
  5. Grabie Watercolor Paint Set: 168 Vibrant Colors and Professional Tools for Artists — Embark on a creative journey with Grabie’s 168-color Watercolor Set, designed for artists of all levels to unleash their endless artistic possibilities.
  6. Grabie Professional Synthetic Squirrel Hair Watercolor Brushes Set — Discover outstanding versatility with Grabie’s Professional Watercolor Paint Brushes, designed for a range of techniques, featuring high-quality synthetic squirrel hair for easy adoption and optimal performance.
  7. Experience Artistic Grandeur with Grabie Watercolor Brush Pens — Unleash your creativity with the versatile Grabie Watercolor Brush Pens, the ultimate art supplies for beginners and professionals alike!
  8. Grabie Watercolor Artistic Adventure Coloring Book — Unleash your creativity with the Grabie Watercolor Coloring Book, featuring 15 sheets of stunning artwork and heavyweight cotton pulp paper for effortless color blending.
  9. Complete Art Club Box with Watercolor Supplies — Experience a versatile artistic journey with Grabie Complete Art Club Box, offering quality watercolors, markers, and essential supplies for painting and drawing enthusiasts.

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Grabie 100 Color Watercolor Paint Set for Kids and Adults


The Grabie watercolor paint set is a versatile and vibrant palette, offering 100 colors and shades to help you bring your artistic visions to life. Made from high-quality pigments, these solid watercolor pan paints dilute effortlessly to create a wide range of hues, from dark to subtle.

Ideal for artists of all ages and skill levels, the Grabie set provides a true-to-color watercolor experience. Its finely milled, high-concentration process makes the paint pans durable and resistant to cracking, allowing you to explore your creativity with ease.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding art enthusiast, Grabie’s watercolor paint set is the perfect companion for your artistic journey.

Grabie Watercolor Paint Set for Artists — 50 Colors and Detail Brush Included


If you’re an artist or hobbyist looking for a versatile watercolor set, you’ll want to check out the Grabie Watercolor Paint Set. With 50 vibrant and richly pigmented colors, you can create stunning landscapes, portraits, and more.

The watercolors are finely milled to deliver excellent control and performance, while also being non-toxic and fade-resistant. The set includes a detail paintbrush, making it perfect for both pros and amateurs.

It’s the ultimate portable companion for your artistic creations.

Grabie Watercolor Postcards: Premium Art Supply for Painters

Grabie Watercolor Postcards brought a refreshing change to my watercolor journal. The sheets, featuring two different textures, were incredibly versatile, making my paintings come alive on paper. I appreciated the acid-free, neutral pH, and natural white sheets that ensured my artworks remained vibrant and pristine for years to come. However, one downside was that the postcards were a tad small, but I managed to express my gratitude and creativity in each.

In a nutshell, Grabie Watercolor Postcards made my holidays more memorable and colorful — a great addition to any artist’s supply.

Grabie Miniature Detail Paint Brush Set: Versatile, Ergonomic Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil Masterpiece Tool


I recently tried Grabie’s Paint Brush Set, and it’s been a game-changer for my art projects. The set comes with 11 miniature brushes, each with a different size and shape, perfect for any detailing work I’ve needed to do. They’re great for painting on canvas, pottery, ceramics, crafts, rocks, boards, leathers, and gesso, among other surfaces.

One of the things that stood out to me was how well these brushes work with various types of paint, such as oil, acrylic, watercolor, and gouache. Whether I’m working on a painting hobby or crafting with my kids, these brushes have been incredibly useful.

The Grabie Paint Brush Set is handmade, which adds a personal touch and ensures the quality of the brushes. They’re ergonomically designed with easy-grip triangular handles, making them comfortable to use and reducing muscle fatigue over time. The filaments are bound together with chrome-plated copper ferrules for extra security and snap.

Cleaning these brushes is a breeze, and they maintain their shape well. The protective tubes included with the set are convenient for storage and keeping the brushes in shape. The nylon hairs are carefully selected and spring back perfectly after every brush stroke. Overall, this set has been an essential addition to my art supplies, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for high-quality, versatile paint brushes.

Grabie Watercolor Paint Set: 168 Vibrant Colors and Professional Tools for Artists

As an artist, I was thrilled to try the Grabie Watercolor Paint Set. What stood out to me was the vibrant range of 168 colors — their brightness truly elevated my art.

Moreover, the quality of the pigments, along with their non-toxic nature, gave me peace of mind knowing I could use them safely. However, one downside I noticed was the occasional cracking of the paint on larger, wet washes. Nonetheless, this set is perfect for both beginners and seasoned artists and provides a complete package of materials and a coloring book, ensuring a fulfilling art experience.

Overall, this watercolor set has become my go-to tool for exploring my artistic potential and unlocking new colors to enrich my palette.

Grabie Professional Synthetic Squirrel Hair Watercolor Brushes Set

Pick up the Grabie Professional Watercolor Paint Brushes for a set of versatile tools that make watercolor painting a breeze. Made with high-quality synthetic squirrel hair, these brushes can handle wet or dry strokes with ease, offering a wide range of styles from broad washes to small intricate detailing. Whether you’re an experienced painter or just starting out, these brushes will keep up with your creativity and allow for the perfect touch on the canvas.

Don’t let the bristle type fool you, these brushes perform like the real deal, soaking up a reservoir of water and providing a natural, smooth paint flow. The soft and flexible synthetic squirrel bristles ensure an even liquid-holding capacity, perfect for creating stunning visual effects and effortless blends. Although these brushes may require immediate and gentle cleaning after use, proper care and storage will keep them ready for your next artistic endeavor.

Experience Artistic Grandeur with Grabie Watercolor Brush Pens

I recently discovered the Grabie Watercolor Brush Pens, and they’ve become my go-to tool for all my artistic projects. The vibrant colors and smooth flow make every stroke a treat to create. As a beginner, I found them incredibly easy to use, giving my artworks a professional touch.

However, I did notice that the nibs can be a bit delicate, so I need to be gentle when handling them. But overall, these watercolor brush pens provide an effortless and satisfying way to bring your ideas to life.

Grabie Watercolor Artistic Adventure Coloring Book

Prepare yourself for a breathtaking artistic experience with the Grabie Watercolor Coloring Book. This enchanting book is designed with high-quality watercolor paper, allowing for smooth and vivid color blending without any bleeding or damage. The 15 captivating sheets feature an array of exquisite creations, from delicate floral arrangements to stunning landscapes.

Embrace creativity on the go with this comprehensive guidebook and artistic companion. With its glue-bound pages, it’s perfect for spontaneous painting sessions and a source of comfort on stressful days. This watercolor coloring book is not just for beginners; it’s also a fantastic resource for professional artists seeking inspiration.

Complete Art Club Box with Watercolor Supplies

Embrace your creative side with the Grabie Art Club Box, a complete set of premium watercolor paints, markers, pens, brushes, canvas, papers, and practical tools. This box is not just a collection of art supplies, it’s a catalyst for artistic expression and therapeutic doodling.

With up to 10 art supplies, including a workbook for a 30-day doodling adventure, you’ll have all the tools you need to ignite your imagination. The thoughtfully curated selection of brushes, paints, and other materials allows beginners and enthusiasts alike to explore diverse textures and styles effortlessly. This Chinese-made box, measuring 9.25 x 6.42 x 1.5 inches and weighing 18.7 oz, is a must-have for any art lover looking to embark on an artistic journey.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our buyer’s guide for Grabie Watercolor products. In this section, we will discuss essential features, considerations, and advice to help you make an informed decision when purchasing watercolors from Grabie. Remember that we will not be mentioning specific product picks or providing external resource links in this guide.

Product Quality and Types

Grabie Watercolor offers a vast array of products, including watercolor paints, brushes, sketchbooks, paper, and more. To ensure you’re getting high-quality products, look for those labeled with the “Grabie Quality Assurance” logo. This indicates that the product has undergone rigorous testing and meets the company’s strict standards.

Color Selection and Range

When selecting watercolor colors, consider the type of art you plan on creating. You may need a wider range of colors for more complex paintings, while if you’re just starting out, a smaller set might be sufficient. Grabie offers both basic and deluxe color sets, as well as individual colors, to cater to all skill levels and preferences.

Brush Options and Types

The quality of your brushes plays a significant role in your painting experience and final results. Grabie offers a variety of watercolor brushes, including natural hair and synthetic options. The type of brush you choose depends on your personal preference and the painting techniques you plan on using.

Special Features and Techniques

Some watercolor products from Grabie come with unique features and techniques to help you achieve the desired results. For instance, they offer watercolor pencils that can be blended with water, creating a soft, watercolor-like effect. Experimenting with different techniques and tools can help you discover new ways to express your creativity.


When was Grabie Watercolor first introduced?

Grabie Watercolor was first introduced in 2018, and since then, it has gained popularity among artists for its versatility and quality. The brand has expanded its range of colors and products in response to customer demand, making it a trusted choice for watercolor enthusiasts worldwide. Grabie Watercolor continues to innovate and improve its products, offering a wide range of colors, brushes, and sketching tools to help artists create stunning artworks.

The brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction and creating high-quality art supplies is evident in its ever-evolving product line and dedication to artistic excellence. Grabie Watercolor has established itself as a reliable and enjoyable option for watercolor artists, making it a favorite among both beginners and professionals alike.

What makes Grabie Watercolor different from other watercolor brands?

Grabie Watercolor stands out for several reasons, including its superior quality, versatility, and commitment to eco-friendliness. The brand uses premium-quality materials in its production process, ensuring that artists receive high-quality, long-lasting products. Each product is meticulously crafted to ensure optimum performance and durability, making them a worthwhile investment for any artist.

Grabie Watercolor also offers a diverse range of colors, ensuring that artists can find the perfect shade for their artwork. The brand is constantly expanding its color palette, offering artists even more options for creating their masterpieces. Additionally, Grabie Watercolor is committed to reducing its environmental impact by using sustainable materials and production methods. This eco-friendliness not only benefits the environment but also ensures that artists are using products that are safe for themselves and their surroundings.

What types of watercolor products does Grabie Watercolor offer?

Grabie Watercolor offers a wide range of watercolor products to cater to the diverse needs of artists. Some of their popular products include watercolor paints, sketchbooks, brushes, pencils, and ink. Their watercolor paints come in various formats, such as tubes, pans, or cakes, and are available in a vast array of colors, ranging from natural shades to vibrant hues.

Grabie Watercolor also offers sketchbooks and pads in different sizes, perfect for artists of all skill levels. Their sketchbooks have a sturdy cover and thick pages, ensuring that artists can create their artwork without worrying about the paper tearing or bleeding through. Additionally, Grabie Watercolor’s brushes are made from high-quality materials that provide a smooth, even application of paint, while their pencils offer a rich, bold line for detailed drawings.

Where can I purchase Grabie Watercolor products?

Grabie Watercolor products can be purchased from various online retailers as well as local art stores. Some popular retailers that carry Grabie Watercolor products include Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. You can also visit Grabie Watercolor’s official website for a list of authorized retailers in your area. Many art supply stores also carry Grabie Watercolor products, so it’s always a good idea to check with local stores to see if they have any available.

If you’re unable to find Grabie Watercolor products in your area, you can reach out to the brand directly for assistance in locating a seller. Their customer service team is happy to help you find the best option for purchasing their products. Remember to always ensure that you’re purchasing Grabie Watercolor products from a reputable seller to avoid any potential counterfeit products.

What are some common complaints or issues that users have experienced with Grabie Watercolor products?

While Grabie Watercolor products have received overwhelmingly positive reviews from the majority of users, there have been some instances of customers experiencing issues with their products. Some common complaints include color accuracy, packaging, and customer service. It’s essential to note that these complaints are generally rare and not representative of the overall customer experience.

If you encounter any issues with your Grabie Watercolor products, it’s recommended that you reach out to the brand’s customer service team for assistance. The team is dedicated to resolving any concerns or issues that customers may have, and they will be happy to help you in any way they can. Remember to provide specific details about the issue, such as the product name and any relevant order information, to help them better assist you.

How can I find inspiration and tutorials for using Grabie Watercolor products?

There are numerous resources available online for finding inspiration and tutorials for using Grabie Watercolor products. You can start by visiting Grabie Watercolor’s official website, as they offer a blog section with various articles, tips, and tutorials for using their products. Additionally, you can search for Grabie Watercolor-related content on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Many artists and hobbyists share their artwork and techniques using Grabie Watercolor products on these platforms, providing a wealth of inspiration and ideas for using the products in your own creations. You can also join online art communities and forums, where members often post tips, tricks, and tutorials for using various art supplies, including Grabie Watercolor products.

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